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new shower head installation in tub shower

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Whether you’re replacing a leaky shower head, updating the look of your faucets, or installing a high-efficiency toilet, our highly skilled plumbers have got you covered. A licensed technician will come out to your home, evaluate your plumbing needs, give you a free estimate and do the work all in the same day.* With our flat rate, upfront pricing, you’ll know exactly how much you’re paying, no matter how long the job takes, with no surprises at the end. All of our work is performed up to code and we warranty our parts and labor. Let us show you the difference hiring a professional plumber can make. Call us today for your replacement and installation needs.


· Faucet installation

· Toilet installation

· Garbage disposal replacement

· Laundry tub replacement

· Icemaker line installation

· Water heater installation

· Outside hose bibb replacement

· Appliance installation

*We provide same day service whenever possible.

Why should I hire a professional to install my appliances?

  New appliances aren’t cheap. When buying a new appliance it can be really tempting to install it yourself or hire an unlicensed handyman to do the job for you. Doing so automatically voids most manufacturer warranties, and you are taking a huge risk that could cost you more money in the end. An improperly installed appliance can leak, causing major water damage to your home and costly repairs. Any appliance that connects to plumbing should always be installed by a licensed plumber. Our plumbers are licensed, experienced technicians who are happy to install your appliances and give you peace of mind. 

Call us if you need a refrigerator, dishwasher, or washing machine installed. 

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